8. File Contents


Reading Lines with Continuation Characters

Counting Lines (or Paragraphs or Records) in a File

// Does not check file existence but return a correct value with empty (size=0) files

// Does count paragraphs correctly (does not count empty lines (\n\n))

int main(int argc, array(string) argv) {
    int count=0;
    object f = Stdio.FILE(argv[1]);
    foreach(f->line_iterator(f); int number; string paragraph) {
        // write(number+" "+paragraph+"\n");

    write("number of paragraphs= "+count+"\n");
    return 0;

Processing Every Word in a File

Reading a File Backwards by Line or Paragraph

Trailing a Growing File

Picking a Random Line from a File

Randomizing All Lines

Reading a Particular Line in a File

Processing Variable-Length Text Fields

Removing the Last Line of a File

Processing Binary Files

Using Random-Access I/O

Updating a Random-Access File

Reading a String from a Binary File

Reading Fixed-Length Records

Reading Configuration Files

Testing a File for Trustworthiness

Program: tailwtmp

Program: tctee

Program: laston